Notice for those with calibration certificates due

In view of the impending relocation of the Comecer Calibration Centre to new premises, during which we will not be able to issue SIT certificates for about three months, we recommend that you send us now machines whose SIT certificate is expiring.The following table shows a minimum time of suspension of operations for each type of instrument to be calibrated. The period of stop is calculated from the date when relocation begins. It does not depend directly on Comecer but on the schedules of the Certification Authorities.

Instrument to be calibrated


Dwell time

Dose calibrators Comecer no suspension
Contamination meters Comecer no suspension
Hands, feet and clothing Comecer no suspension
Kilovoltmeter Comecer 1-month break
Timers Comecer 1-month break
Radiameters SIT 1-month break. Afterwards it will be possible to   issue Comecer certificates instead of SIT certificates. SIT certification will have to wait another 2 months.

Note: the suspension only applies to SIT certificates. Those who use Comecer calibration certificates will not be delayed.

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