α β γ ray Radiation Room

In the α β γ room are calibrated instruments for non Accredia report.

Liquid and extended sources are present in the room, used for calibration of the instruments used in nuclear medicine.

  • The extended sources are used to calibrate contamination meters Hands, Feet and Clothing meters
  • The liquid sources are used to calibrate the Dose calibrators.

The Comecer Calibration Report is issued following calibration, relative to the quantity of the “Activity”.

Sala raggi alfa beta gamma

Electro-deposited sources for radioactive surface contamination

For the control of radioactive surface contamination of the instruments to be calibrated, currently the following reference radioactive sources are available:

Extended sources dim. 10×10 cm:

  • Source of Am241 (init. nominal activity: kBq 2.69)
  • Source of C14 (init. nominal activity: kBq 2.88)
  • Source of I129 (init. nominal activity: kBq 30)
  • Source of Cs137 (init. nominal activity: kBq 12)
  • Source of Sr90 (init. nominal activity: kBq 3.00)
  • Source of Co57 (init. nominal activity: kBq 35)
  • Source of Tc99 (init. nominal activity: kBq 2.32)

Sources vial for calibration Dose calibrators

For the calibration of Dose calibrators, the following sources are available sealed in 20 ml vials

  • Source of Cs137 (init. nominal activity: kBq 10000)
  • Source of Co60 (init. nominal activity: kBq 3645)
  • Source of Na22 (init. nominal activity: kBq 4180)

Quotation request of instruments never calibrated at Comecer Calibration Center

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