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Calibration of survey meters and ionization chambers
Passive dosimeters with X and γ radiations in air on ISO phantoms
Multimeters for quality controls of radiogenic machines

Reserve your instruments calibration at Comecer Calibration Centre

1. Ask for a quotation

Before you fix your instrument calibration appointment, you have to ask for a quotation.

If the instrument has never been calibrated at our Calibration Centre, you have to register it while asking for the quotation.

Never calibrated instrument
at our Calibration Centre

If you have already both registered and calibrated the instrument, ask for the quotation filling the shortest form.

Already calibrated instrument
at our Calibration Centre

2. Reserve your calibration appointment

As soon as you have received the quotation, reserve your appointment on the below calendar.
Attention! Instruments should be delivered at our Calibration Centre the day before the appointment.
At the end of the reservation procedure, you will receive a confirmation email.

Days available in January 2022

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

Date selected: January 2022. Change date

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Calibration services supplied by Comecer Calibration Centre

ACCREDIA Calibrations

Taratura Accredia

LAT N° 065

Comecer Calibration Centre is enabled for the calibration of instruments used in different fields: from nuclear medicine to industry, from scrap dealers to tips

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Taratura Comecer

COMECER Calibrations

In addition to Accredia calibration services, the Comecer Calibration Centre issues certificates of calibration for the quantities that are not covered by accreditation table for the following instruments for quality control in x-ray machines and instruments for the verification of radioactivity in persons, objects or environments

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