Calibration services

The Comecer Calibration Centre is enabled for the calibration of instruments used in different fields: from nuclear medicine to industry, from scrap dealers to tips… In addition to Accredia calibration services, the Comecer Calibration Centre issues certificates of calibration for the quantities that are not covered by accreditation table (Time of discharge, radiation energy, activities…) for instruments for quality control in x-ray machines and instruments for the verification of radioactivity in persons, objects or environments. Remember that the Comecer Calibration Centre does not carry out interventions and/or repairs on the instruments received: with the calibration operation the customer is supplied with the margin of error of the instrument and the factor to multiply by the value read on the instrument in order to obtain the correct measurement of the radioactive sources. For further information regarding use of the certificates, consult the Guide to reading the calibration certificates and FAQ page.

Free additional services

Expiry Reminder

The Comecer Calibration Centre outs the free Expiry Reminder at the customer’s disposal for the online consultation of the certificates obtained. The service also envisions signalling of certifications about to expire by sending a summary e-mail on the first day of every month.

Online estimate

Before performing calibration, the Comecer Calibration Centre recommends requesting an estimate. This procedure allows to considerable shorten permanence times of the instrument at the Comecer Calibration Centre.

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