In 1993 Comecer, in the ambit of a technical collaboration agreement with the ENEA, started a calibration centre in its own establishment for instruments that measure ionising radiation. In July of the same year  SIT (Servizio Italiano di Taratura) has accredited the Calibration Centre calling it “Comecer Calibration Centre n. 65”.

Sede vecchia del centro di taraturaSince 2011, following the reorganization of the national calibration, the Comecer Calibration Center is accredited by Accredia and is named LAT 065.

Sede Centro di Taratura Comecer

The activity performed on issue of the calibration certificates for measurement assemblies (constituted from electrometers ionisation chambers, whole-body radiation meters) and passive dosimeters that measure the quantities of the exposure, the Kerma in air and the dose equivalent. The Comecer Calibration Centre LAT 065 also certifies the devices produced and installed in the machines produced by COMECER S.P.A. used for monitoring the ionising radiation.

The calibration certificates guarantee the use of the instrument in compliance with the Euratom Directives implemented by the Legislative Decree 230/95 and Legislative Decree n.241/00 relative to the obligation of the periodical calibration of the instruments. The quality of the measurements made by the instruments is assured by their periodic calibration at a Metrological Centre acknowledged by the ACCREDIA.

Interno del Centro di Taratura Comecer

Through the years COMECER has expanded its services with the issuing of  calibration report  (not  ACCREDIA) relative to the quantities of activity kilo Volts and irradiation times (for x-ray systems).

The services of the Comecer Calibration Centre are used by most Hospital Authorities, Analysis Laboratories, Dosimeter Laboratories, Research Bodies, Non-constructive Control Agencies, Companies for the treatment and disposal of radioactive waste, Qualified experts, Public and Private Bodies undergoing radiometric surveillance on the materials, Private companies for characterisation of materials for clothing protected from radiations (gloves, aprons, curtains) present on National territory.

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