A new service for Calibration Centre customers

Expiry Reminder starts today, a new service for Calibration Centre customers that answers the question “How can I remember the certification expiry dates?”


Expiry Reminder is a service that informs out customers of imminent expiry of certificates.

The service has been developed to send a maximum of one e-mail per customer per month, collecting and listing all certificates about to expire in the following month, avoiding sending an excessive number of e-mails.

Features of the service

  • forwarding of maximum one e-mail per month to the customer
  • the e-mail collects all of the expiry dates for the following month and indicates the date within which renewal must be performed for each certificate.

The customer will have the time necessary to contact the calibration centre and renew the certificate.

Access Expiry Reminder immediately

For further information contact the Calibration


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