Expiry Reminder

Certification and expiry service

Expiry Reminder id the free service available for all Comecer Calibration Centre customers, which allows you to:

  • consult online, download and print the certifications issued by the Comecer Calibration Centre relative to instruments already calibrated, at any time
  • receive expiry warnings regarding certifications via e-mail in good time.

Membership of this service is automatic and free of charge. When an instrument has been calibrated at the Comecer Centre, a welcome e-mail will be sent containing the instructions for accessing the service.

Anyone who has activated Expiry Reminder can access the service by clicking on “Reserved Area“.

How does it work

On the first day of every month the Comecer Calibration Centre will send an e-mail with summary of expiry of the certificates for the instruments calibrated previously at our Accredia Centre. From the receipt of the e-mail you will have at least 30 days to renew any certificates about to expire.

The communication will only be received in the presence of expiring certificates, for a maximum of 1 e-mail per month and 12 e-mails per year.

If the calibration certificate is not renewed, further e-mails will not be sent by the Comecer Calibration Centre.

Access Expiry Reminder immediately

For further information regarding the Expiry Reminder, on access methods to the Reserved Area or regarding certifications, contact the Comecer Calibration Centre.