Calibration laboratories


Accredia manages the accreditation of the Calibration laboratories in order to make them legitimately operational Calibration Centres. Accredia is occupied with the maintenance procedure, extension or reduction, renewal, suspension or revocation of the accreditation.

Accreditation certificate

The initial accreditation is concluded with the issue of the Accreditation certificate  by ACCREDIA. This particular certificate attests the skill of the Laboratory to perform calibrations that ensure the traceability of natisonal and international samples through time, giving the Laboratory the faculty to issue Accredia calibration certificates for instruments, fields, uncertainties and the measurement conditions specified in a relevant accreditation table.

Accredia calibration certificates

The Accredia calibration certificates have the same technical validity as those issued by primary Metrological Institutes and guarantee the traceability of the instrument calibrated.

The traceability of the instruments is always more requested in various sectors. research and development, laboratories for certification of products, production process automatic systems, companies with quality certification etc.

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